Q: How do I contact Customer Service? 

: Contact us at eStore@myvega.com first. Please specify your needs in an email with with your email address. Your email address is necessary for us to help you.

Q: I'm an existing customer (from the old Vega eStore) and I can't login because my password isn't working... What can I do?

: Now that we have a new estore  - if you're an existing eStore customer prior to May 2013, your can access your account with the email address you used to create your account but you're going to have to change your password. Go to the login area and click the forgot password link. An email containing a password reset link will be sent to you. Click on the password link, change your password and login. If you are having troubles loggin in - please email us at eStore@myvega.com.

Q: Do I need a separate login for each of your Vega Websites?

A. Your email address and password you use for the Vega estore can also be used to login to the Vega eStore, MyVega.com, VegaSport.com and ThriveForward.com. 

Q: What is a Promo Code and how do I redeem it?

: A promo code or promotional code can be redeemed for a discount or promotional offer on the Vega eStore by inserting the Promo Code into the PROMO CODE field in the checkout and pressing the APPLY button. Once the apply button is pressed - you will see your discount calculated in the checkout. Only one promo code per order, promotions can't be combined. 

Q: How can I get a Promo Code for a discount?

: Promo codes are made available through our websites and by becoming a subscriber of Vega News -Vega News.

Q: Can I use more than one promotion code with my order?

: No - our checkout can only accept one promo code per order.

Q: Can I use my Thrive Forward promo code to get a deeper discount on items already available at sale price?

: No - your Thrive Forward promo code can only be used on items that are not currently on sale and does not expire until Dec 2013. However, you can use your Thrive Forward discount promo code in conjunction with FREE GIFT promotions. For example - if the offer is spend $125 get a free item - you can use your promotion code to get a discount on your subtotal and get the free gift as well. If you have questions please contact us.

Q: Can I change my order? 

: If you contact us immediately following your purchase, we may be able to help you change your order depending on whether it has been processed and shipped yet. For that reason we are unable to make any modifications to the order including cancellations unless contacted immediately. *Please note – our customer service is available Mon-Fri and closed on Canadian holidays. Orders placed over the weekend will be addressed on the next business day.

Q: Are there any Special Offers on Shipping?

: Yes! You get FREE ground shipping on all orders over $100*. Any order $100 and over receive free ground shipping to anywhere in continental US (for US eStore orders) or within Canada (for Canadian eStore orders) 

* Total order must reach over $100.00 before all applicable taxes

Q: I missed the latest Vega eStore promotion by one day, is it still possible to use the Promo Code for a discount on my order?

: Vega online promotions are made available during specific dates communicated through our email newsletter - Vega News and through notifications on our websites. After the promotion end date the Promo code expires and cannot be used. Get notifications on specials available through the Vega eStore - subscribe to - Vega News

Q: What is the definition of "back ordered"?

: The definition of "back ordered" at Vega is that we did not have enough of a certain product to fulfill your order.

Q: If an item is "back ordered", am I charged for it and do you ship it to me automatically once the inventory becomes available?

: You are not charged for back ordered products. These items will not be automatically charged and sent to you once they become available. You will have to come back to the Vega eStore to place another order when the product becomes available.

Q: I placed an order on the Vega eStore expecting to get a certain product but the product appears as back ordered on my invoice. Why did it say it was available when I made my purchase yet didn't make it into my shipment?

: Sometimes we have multiple people purchasing the same product from our online store at the same time. We fulfil our orders in the sequence in which the come in however sometimes we simply just sell out of product. That is why the item appears back ordered. 

Q: I ordered a product during an online promotion but it appears as back ordered on my receipt that was shipped to me with my package. Will you honour the same discount for me when more inventory becomes available?

: Yes, we will honour the promotion by providing you with a one off promo code you can use the next time you purchase from the Vega eStore. We will also provide free shipping for this item. Email estore@myvega.com with a short explanation your email address that you used to make your previous purchase and your full name. We'll be able to see your customer record, confirm the product was backordered and help you get your discount and free shipping.

Q: What if I don't like the item I have purchased? 

: The Vega eStore offers a 30-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase:

1. Download, submit and receive a return approval from Vega Naturals (see information under Returns and Exchanges).

2. Return the item in its original, unused condition (including all original packaging and tags) within 30 (thirty) days for a full refund, less shipping and handling charges.

Q: What is Vega Pro?

A: Vega Pro is an exclusive education program we offer for professionally certified fitness and health professionals who wish to learn more about Vega products and plant-based nutrition - to help themselves and their clients.

Q: How do I become a member of Vega Pro?

A: If you are a practicing fitness or health professional holding current certification from an accredited association in North America, you can apply for Vega Pro here .

Q: I’m a member of Vega Pro, how can I log in to my account?

A:  You can only log into your Vega Pro account through our Vega Pro portal.  You must use your specific Vega Pro login information. If you already have a Vega eStore login, you cannot use it to access your Vega Pro account. If you already have a previous Vega eStore login, you cannot use it to access your Vega Pro account.  You must use a different email address for Vega Pro.

Q: I’m a member of Vega Pro, what are the program guidelines again?

A: Click here for the Vega Pro Guidelines

Q: Can I receive my Vega Pro discount at Vega retailers?

A:  No. Your Vega Pro discount is only available through the Vega eStore.

Q: How do I follow up on my Vega Pro Order?

A:  If you have questions about your Vega Pro order, please contact us at eStore@myvega.com .

Q: Can I order for my clients, friends or family with my Vega Pro discount?

A:  No. Your Vega Pro discount is strictly for your own personal orders.

Q: I have other instructors who would like to order, can I set up a group account?

A:  We do not offer group ordering at this time. If you know of peer instructors who are certified fitness professionals, they can register for and individually access our program here.

Q: Can I use a coupon or promo code, or any other discount and/or shipping promotions witih my Vega Pro order?

A: As your Vega Pro membership comes with a deep discount, coupons, promo codes, special offers, free gifts or shipping promotions cannot be used in conjuction with your Vega Pro discount.

Q: Can I sell Vega products tomy clients, online, or at my studio/gym?

A: If you are interested in becoming a Vega reseller, please contact pro@myvega.com